Two men discuss the business ideas of the cleantech start-ups in Climate-KIC’s accelerator.

Climate-KIC: Fostering innovation

Climate-KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community) is the European Union’s largest public-private climate initiative. It includes a successful accelerator for cleantech start-ups. This fosters young businesses which are developing climate protection solutions.

In the accelerator programme, Munich Re and ERGO are fostering start-ups that are focused on handling climate change. The programme lasts up to 18 months – depending on how mature the start-up is. Each start-up receives up to €95,000 in financial support. As an additional benefit, the young entrepreneurs receive coaching and regular mentoring from Munich Re and ERGO staff members.

Workspaces in various locations are also available for their use. Munich Re and ERGO gain access to the young businesses, the start-ups receive both technical and financial support from us, and society benefits from climate-protection solutions. The programme was launched in October 2017.

Start-ups from the first call (September 2017 – March 2018)

Medium close-up of the start-up Refurbed’s three founders. At the pitch day, Refurbed was selected for Climate-KIC’s start-up accelerator.

Refurbed – An Amazon for refurbished electronic devices

The jubilant seven-person twingz team, one of the winners of start-up support in the EU climate initiative, Climate-KIC.

Smart energy management and loss prevention

Medium close-up of the three founders of NÜWIEL, which won one of the start-up accelerator Climate-KIC’s support packages.

Intelligent bicycle trailers for last-mile delivery in towns and cities

An aerial photograph of the Green Garage with solar panels on the roof – the venue for the Climate-KIC accelerator’s pitch day in June 2017.
Pitch day on 7 September 2017 in Berlin

Munich Re and ERGO staff members helped select three start-ups for the Climate-KIC accelerator.